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DePuy Hawkins Bell Self-Retaining Shoulder Retractor Set

Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: 2810-40

Retractor instrument set:

  • Allows necessary operative exposure in open shoulder procedures without additional assistants
  • Can be used to retract deltoid, pectoralis; and for deltopectoral interval surgery


Set (2810-40) includes instrumentation and lidded sterilization case.


Catalog #

2810-41 Self-Retaining Retractor Frame
2810-42 Small Fixed Retractor
2810-43 Medium Fixed Retractor
2810-44 Deltoid Fixed Retractor
2810-45 Small Adjustable Retractor (2)
2810-46 Medium Adjustable Retractor (2)
2810-47 Pectoralis Adjustable Retractor
2810-70 Sterilization Case


Close-up examples of retractors shown below (Pectoralis Adjustable, Medium Adjustable and Deltoid Fixed, left to right), as well as examples of retractors on frame.




Trials available.


Photo is representative—please contact your sales rep for more complete details.


Designed by Richard J. Hawkins, M.D. and Robert H. Bell, M.D.


DePuy is a registered trademark of that corporation.


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