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A-Z Ortho is the pre-owned equipment division of MPR Orthopedics, a seller and manufacturer of quality orthopaedic products for more than 25 years.

Since 1991, MPR has been selling and manufacturing quality orthopaedic, arthroscopy and med/surg products at a cost savings for our customers. Drawing on our 25+ years of working with physicians, hospitals, clinics and leading manufacturers, MPR has grown from its small office beginnings to today’s warehouse and sales operations located across multiple states. However, the commitment to quality and customer care has never changed.

A-Z Ortho grew out of this commitment to service, as customers have continued to ask for assistance in finding legacy, time-proven orthopaedic products from the industry’s many manufacturers. By acquiring excess inventories from hospitals and surgery centers, A-Z Ortho offers an extensive selection of current and discontinued instruments and implants. We carry tens of thousands of pre-owned items, from Ace to Zimmer and every company in between.

At A-Z Ortho, we understand that “pre-owned” is sometimes the “preferred” solution for our customers. We have the big-box names in our inventory list, plus the personal service to help you find what you want.

Experience our one-to-one customer service and dedication to cost savings--contact us by phone or email to discuss how we can assist you.


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