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Arthrex 3-Point Shoulder Distraction System

Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: AR-1600M

The 3-Point Shoulder Distraction System and STaR sleeve provide safe and easy positioning of the shoulder during all types of arthroscopic and open surgery performed with the patient in the lateral decubitus position.The 3-point shoulder traction with lateral strap permits ideal shoulder positioning for improved access to the anterior glenohumeral joint.


During shoulder arthroscopy or bursoscopy (decompression, Mumford surgery, or calcium removal), single point traction may be selected at any desired angle of abduction by transferring weights to the third traction cable. The overhead pulley allows infinite adjustability for abduction. The system attaches easily to standard OR table Clark rails with a Clark socket and has color coded cable ends for easy identification when transferring traction weights.


We repair non-working holders/positioners. CLICK HERE for repair form.


We also offer trade-ins for excess equipment.  Please contact us!


Trials available.


Arthrex is a registered trademark of that corporation.


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