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Zimmer Cable Ready Cable Grip System, Pin and Cable Instrument Set

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  • Unit of Measurement: Each

Easy to use system, combining efficient instrumentation with a simple technique for cerclage wiring. Designed to maximize tension control while minimizing invasion of the wound site.


Trays, lid, instruments:

Catalog #

2232-04 Tension Retaining Device (3)
2232-05 Cable Tensioner for 1.8 mm Cable
2232-06 Hex Head Screwdriver, 3.0 mm
2232-07-20 Cable Passer, Medium
2232-07-30 Cable Passer, Large
2232-08 Cable (Cerclage) Tensioner Bit (3)
2232-09 Bone Plate Tensioner Bit (3)
3925-11 Cable Cutter
2232-91 Cable Instrument Tray
2232-50-05 Cable Pin Tubular Driver
2232-50-07 Cable Pin Crimper
2232-50-08 Crimper Tensioning Handle
2232-50-17 T-Handle / Long Hex Driver
2232-96 Base Tray
2232-97 Lid


Zimmer Cerclage Cable with Crimp, 0.07" (1.8 mm) x 22.01" (55.9 cm) (2232-02-18) and Zimmer Cable Pin Implant Set, 1.57" (40 mm) long (2) (2232-50-19) are also available.



Trials available.


Photo is representative—please contact your sales rep for more complete details.


CLICK HERE for surgical technique guide.


Zimmer and Cable Ready are registered trademarks of Zimmer corporation.


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