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ConMed/Linvatec Extremity Traction Tower

Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: 9905A

Traction Tower provides a complete, sterile method for securing and distracting the hand, wrist, or forearm for arthroscopic procedures and fracture reductions.


Features include:

  • Traction scale ensures precise traction maintenance
  • Adjustable ball joint enables wrist flexion and extension
  • Set-up configurations allow both dorsal and volar approaches
  • X-ray cassette bracket facilitates intraoperative imaging
  • Stand-alone design allows stability without fixation to OR table


Set includes:

  • Tower components
  • Sterilization case
  • 19" (48.26 cm) Wrist Strap (9902)
  • 20" (50.28 cm) Forearm Strap (9907)
  • Upper Arm Strap, 6' (182.88 cm) with foam (9909)


Close-ups of components shown below.

s l1600 2


We repair non-working holders/positioners. CLICK HERE for the repair form.


We also offer trade-ins for excess equipment.  Please contact us!


Trials available.


ConMed Linvatec is a registered trademark of that corporation.


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