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Zimmer ATS 3000 Tourniquet System

Additional Info

  • Unit of Measurement: Each
  • Catalog Number: 60-3000-101-00

The ATS 3000 system is a dual-port, dual-cuff medical tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and dedicated ports for supplying and measuring pressure independently.


Features include:

  • Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) technology that senses, calculates and reports the cuff pressure necessary to achieve complete blood occlusion in the operative limb.  The system can be operated with or without the use of the LOP function.
  • Self-check calibration that automatically checks the accuracy of the machine calibration each time unit is powered ON, saving time.
  • Four-hour battery backup that aids mobility and maintains pressure if AC power is temporarily lost.
  • Carrying handle that makes the system easy to transport, and includes pull-out hangers for storage of cuffs and hoses. The lightweight, portable unit can be mounted on an IV pole or placed on a table.


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Zimmer and ATS are registered trademarks of Zimmer corporation.


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